Latest Updates

2024.03.07 –

Project title format 專案名稱格式

Project title format:

SEMCC 2024 – your school initial (e.g. St. Paul’s Secondary School, project title will be “SEMCC 2024 – SPSS”).
If you have more than one team, please use SPSS1, SPSS2, SPSS3.


SEMCC 2024 – 您學校的縮寫 (例如: 聖保祿中學, 專案名稱便是: “SEMCC 2024 – SPSS”).
如多於一隊,請使用 SPSS1, SPSS2, SPSS3.

2024.02.28 -

Rule Amendment 規則修改

We received a request to allow more than one team from a school to join the contest and decided that a school can nominate at most 3 teams. A student is allowed to join one team only. Schools with more than one team joining the contest should be aware that the scores given to each team could be affected if their promotion in the school cannot be distinguished.

In view of the above, we now extend our deadline for enrollment to 31 Mar 2024.

我們收到了一所學校,多於一支隊伍參加比賽的請求,並決定允許一所學校最多可以提名最多 3 支隊伍。一名學生只能加入一個隊伍。有多於一支隊伍參加比賽的學校應注意,如果無法區分各隊在學校的宣傳效能。,則每支隊伍的得分可能會受到影響。

有鑑於上述情況,我們現將報名截止日期延長至 2024 年 3 月 31 日。