Ms. Vicky S. K. Chow

Vicky 是香港註冊會計師。從事電訊業十三年後,Vicky 毅然脫離企業生涯,追尋更高人生目標,並展開她的創業之旅。憑著她對人才發展的熱忱,她開始涉獵不同自我提升的工具和方法。

她現為 樂高®認真玩® 認證引導師,和蓋洛普® 認證優勢教練。她希望能槓桿這兩套強勢工具方法,能夠協助人們發掘他們天賦的才能,讓每一個人都可以充份發揮潛能,從而充實地活出自己最理想的人生。她衷心希望能協助人們成長,為世界帶來改變。

Vicky is a Certified Public Accountant in Hong Kong. She has been working in the telecommunication industry for 13 years before she left the corporate life to pursue higher life purpose and started her entrepreneurship venture. She revealed her true passion for people development that led her to explore different self-development tools and methodologies.

Vicky is now a Certified Facilitator in Lego® Serious Play® Method and Gallup® Certified Strengths Coach. She hopes that by leveraging on these two powerful tools & methodologies, she can help more people uncover their gifted talents that everybody can unlock their full potential to live their desired life to the fullest. It’s her true passion to help people grow and make a positive difference to the World.