Dr. Samantha SUN

孫湛棋小姐不僅是名英國特許工程師及特許環保師,還是一名環保主義者。她在國際公司的環境諮詢和運營管理方面擁有二十多年的經驗,為國際級公司提供廣泛的服務,其中包括機場管理局和環境保護署的垃圾發電焚化爐及中轉站等。作為專業人士,她對環境服務中的可持續實踐有著堅定的經驗。引領可持續發展改進項目, 完善及實現碳足跡,向可再生能源的轉換,回收服務,多樣性,平等政策以及全球認可的認證。

Samantha is a Chartered Environmentalist and a Chartered Engineer. With more than 20 years in environmental consulting and operation management experiences spanning in the wide scope of industries for the global corporations including airport authorities and EPD owned facilities Waste-to-Energy Incinerator and transfer stations. She is a professional with a profound commitment to sustainable best practices in environmental services. She leads the sustainability projects for companies to achieve carbon footprint, the transition to renewable energy, recycling service, diversity, equality policies, and global recognition by Certifications.