EEF Logo & Webpage Design Competition (For the period from 4-7/2013, award presentation on 22/7/2013)

An open design competition on EEF Logo & Webpage design was launched for all HK & Macau universities and higher education institutes. CEO Edmund of Innocentre was the chairman of the panel judge. The winner from HK and Macau came to join the presentation with their family & friends & school mates. It was a great success in promotion design in environmental protection in all participating universities and tertiary education institutes.

Environmental Promotion 2013 on 22/12/2013

EEF organized a Green Light Day and a season’s show at LSP Little Sisters of the Poor St Joseph Home for the Aged to promote environmental protection on green light with energy-saving and how to live healthy. Greenlight replacement by Celex LED Technology Ltd for the public areas of the home enabled the energy-saving plus carbon footprint reduction to the world changed the home to a new green life. Dancing, singing & talks were performed by volunteers from St Jude’s church and EEF volunteers.